"What do you want?


We asked individual women--we talked to hundreds of people

--and what was so profound was that the responses we got back

were things like


'I want to hear the stories of other women.

I want to be inspired by other women.'"   

- Kiki Federico

Her Forest Program Leader

Electric Forest Festival

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Download the Voices Podcast Theme, featuring wondrous words of wisdom from the icons of the Voices collection.

Voices is a weekly podcast to compliment the Voices exhibit.

Beginning in August of 2020, one raiment in the collection will be released each week throughout 2020. Because the centennial anniversary of a seventy+ year long, world changing, paradigm shifting, peaceful political revolution deserves to be celebrated for more than just one day, donchya think? #MeToo.


Women are a unique demographic. We are half the population, but spread out through diverse races, ethnicities, religions and more. So it's a challenge for us to weave the threads of our powerful voices into a cohesive fabric. And truth is, many women prioritize identifying with the voice of their race, ethnicity or religion in solidarity with "their" men over the voice of their own sex.

But many women--and some men--throughout time and all over the world have challenged their own communities to rethink gender stereotypes that limit the humanity of us all and deny women--and men--the right to full personhood.

I was lucky to have had access to a rainbow of such voices throughout my life whom I wove into a colorful mandala and moral compass that is--my voice.

Each Voices podcast episode features:

The story of a unique voice

The making of their upcycled raiment 

How their voice evolved my own

Diverse voices of Women's Suffrage  

How to find and share your own voice 

Podcast listeners' voices