About the Exhibit

In a world of many voices, a singular voice can speak to our hearts and inspire us to a greater good, a greater version of ourselves. I am grateful for the voices that molded my character with truth and beauty, pointing me the way to rewarding paths. Beginning in 2018, I was inspired to honor and amplify those voices through a fine art collection. 

Before the release of the Voices exhibit itself, a series of introductory podcasts are being published describing how I came to make the collection and why it's vital for us all to learn how to identify and amplify #IntelligentHeartVoices. Each piece in the Voices collection will then be released with an accompanying podcast episode.


It's a challenge to find and choose authentic, honorable voices. Many of the loudest voices have agendas to sow discontent, create addictions, force conformity or gain profit.  By consciously choosing to reject those illusory voices and instead absorb voices of integrity, we can live authentic lives of joyful presence that improve with age. 

Of all the choices we make in life, choosing which voices to emulate--and which ones to avoid--is one of the most powerful and profound. I hope this collection will inspire you to ask "What voices have influenced my life? Did I choose those voices or did they choose me?  How can I identify and amplify intelligent voices from the heart? How do I value and share my own voice?”

This fine art collection of couture upcycled raiments honors many kinds of voices:

Our Bodies

Each person's body is both the subject of their own identity and a visual object to others. Much of "women's fashion" today focuses on the latter, often exaggerating erotic anatomy at the expense of the physical comfort of the wearer. My garments balance the two by listening to our bodies. Made-to-measure, they are engineered for the comfort and mobility of the unique wearer while simultaneously creating an alluring presentation that is sensual rather than sexual.

The Earth

Each garment is constructed from repurposed textiles. When we strive to live sustainable lives, we are hearing and valuing the rich and myriad voices of Nature that, in turn, sustain us. When we make choices that honor the Earth, we honor ourselves and each other.


Human history is full of clothing traditions that honor the values, accomplishments and creativity of individuals and cultures and also the seasons and celebrations we share together. "Fashion" itself cannot help but be a "statement" of who we are. These garments are a voice for the values and creativity of the wearer, rather than an advertisement for the corporate clothing industry.


Textiles themselves are a bountiful garden of color, texture and pattern. These garments celebrate that medium, boldly organizing those sensual elements in captivating combinations, crafting a moveable feast for the eye.


Each person in the collection has contributed a unique voice not only to me, but also to humanity. All too often, however, these exceptional voices have been ignored, silenced, banished, perverted, appropriated, diminished or destroyed by those with the power to decide which voices are validated, recorded, taught and celebrated.  The very power of these precious voices is often what makes them threatening to the status quo.

My Voice

Finally, this collection represents my passion for life, my pleasure in creating and sharing beauty with others, and a purpose I hold dear, learned from the example of these monumental people--shaping and sharing my own voice, loud and proud.

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