Amy Luna (meaning "love" and "light") lives a life of passion, purpose and pleasure. Her family and education taught her to admire and emulate people of excellence and spirit who uplift humanity. Often decades ahead of her time, Amy Luna successfully advocated for campus sexual assault survivors and curriculum diversity as a political philosophy graduate student in the 1980s, inspired a worldwide phenomenon empowering women in their bodies as an early founder of American Tribal Style (ATS) Bellydance in the 1990s, traveled the globe researching, teaching and performing music and dance traditions from around the world in the 2000s and became an international spokesperson for healthy sexuality in the 2010s. 


Along the way, she celebrated life as an accomplished pianist, composer and master music instructor at Pixar University, Club Med Artist-in-Residence, avid explorer of America's glorious National Parks, motorcyclist, PADI certified rescue scuba diver, member of PAWMA (Pacific Association of Women Martial Artists) and all-around bon vivant and adventure seeker and finder.


Pre-pandemic, when Amy Luna was not fabricating fabulous fashion in her Chicagoland atelier or traversing diverse locales, she could be found most often in libraries, museums and concert halls, sauntering through forests or picnicking in gardens.  


A practitioner of environmentally responsible sustainable living since her youth, in 2018 at age 52, Amy Luna began creating sensual garments from repurposed textiles which quickly evolved into the Voices exhibit.


Learn more about Amy Luna's unique life and travels through the Voices podcast.


LondonHouse, Chicago, 2019

Grand Staircase
Frank Lloyd Wright Walking Tour
White Sox Baseball Game
Orchid Show
Sculpture Court
Dia de los Muertos
Cirque du Soleil Xmas
Building Trolls

Life Creed


Seek harmony and discord

With grace, accept these both

For the heart of each combined

Holds the secret of our growth. 


                            - Amy Luna, 1988

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