Voices: the collection

The voices we hear create the lives we live.

Lovingly created to both honor and celebrate the historic 2020 Centennial of Women's Suffrage, Voices is a collection of upcycled fine art couture raiments, personifying outstanding luminaries of the past and present, real and fictional.


The daring genius of these innovative artists, courageous humanitarians, and brilliant leaders has inspired and guided me to craft an enchanting life of passion, purpose and pleasure.


The collection is my expression of gratitude for the priceless treasures these individuals have gifted to all of humanity. 

Voices: the podcast

Each episode tells the fascinating story of the individual embodied in each piece in the collection, their trials and triumphs, how their voice influenced mine, the creation of their signature raiment from conception to construction and inspiration for evolving your own passion, purpose and pleasure.

take back beauty

Wearing our hearts on our sleeves--literally--in spectacular garments engineered for the maximum comfort and mobility of the wearer is a bold act taking back how we define beauty in clothing. More than just a tutorial on how you and/or your local maker can upcycle your own Passion Fashion, this book promises to revolutionize how you see yourself and the world.

Beauty is a feeling.